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RUBIX. and ThoughtSpot take the complexities out of your Data

ThoughtSpot Proof of Value Session

We'll show you how ThoughtSpot’s powerful search and AI analytics platform can find critical business insights hidden in your company data in seconds. If you have a visualisation data set in mind and a set of business problems to address, then our PoV session will showcase how RUBIX. and ThoughtSpot will uniquely add data driven insights and value to your business. With speed and accuracy.

What will you get from the session?

In our first session, you'll receive a demo of ThoughtSpot using a sample data set, this will give you a great insight into how powerful the platform is. We'll share case studies that are relevant to your business context and we'll walk you through the ‘POV framework’, guiding you through the process so we can properly facilitate the second session, which is where the fun stuff begins!

Here's the Exciting Part!

In the second session, we'll explore some of your own business data using the ThoughtSpot engine so you can get a real feel for the power of the business tool and how it applies to your own circumstances. We'll showcase how ThoughtSpot empowers you to answer your own questions using your real business, you'll be able to explore, analyse and share real-time business analytics data easily and delve into some insights of your own.

Do you need to do anything?

Not really. We make working together pretty simple. One of our key beliefs is "Relax, we've got this". And we really do! All we need from you is simply some time to walk you through the product and how it can benefit your business. In workshop two, we'll require a sample data set from you so you can experience the power of the platform using your real own data.

Why you need to do this.

The outcomes will be powerful The Proof of Value undertaking allows you to experience the ThoughtSpot platform with efficiency and on a personalised level as you're using your own data. We make it really easy. We'll also provide you with recommended next steps to prepare your organisation for their data journey.

Why work with us?

At RUBIX. We're smart but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We're local. We live for our Community in regional areas & our major Cities. Our power lies in our brilliant people, our local ownership & our ability to act nimbly. Put simply, we just do data. And we do it well. We choose our partners carefully. We knew ThoughtSpot were a good fit for us. ThoughtSpot is the most powerful search & AI-Analytics platform going around.

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