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Data Discovery Workshops

In this series of two workshops, our certified ThoughtSpot team will work with you to understand your unique business needs and pain points, so we can really help you know where ThoughtSpot can provide the most value to your business. We will engage with your teams to deep-dive into the technical details around the data and systems to be used. At the conclusion of the series, we will create a roadmap with actionable recommendations on how best to implement ThoughtSpot for your organisation, addressing your user experience, current business & data challenges, and potential insights.

What you can expect

The first session, we'll focus on the reasoning behind AI-driven search and look at relevant case studies and use applications relevant to your sector or business context. We work with you to identify your business’ current pain points and challenges, identifying your key personas and their relationship to the ThoughtSpot technology and how it will empower you to make data driven decisions with your business in mind.

How about session two?

We discuss the outcomes from our earlier session and showcase a business discovery document. We delve into key business questions listed by your business and walk through main data sources and data sets that will support your project goals. We look into the ETL, data quality and quantity in relation to your business goals and determine the feasibility. We introduce you to the key steps involved in getting access to or extracts of necessary data

What will you end up with?

A thorough assessment of your current process, identifying your key personas and their relationship to the ThoughtSpot technology. You will have clearly defined, high-level business goals with key search questions identified. And importantly a roadmap for designing, developing, deploying the ThoughtSpot Platform with an estimate of time and effort needed to achieve ThoughtSpot implementation and the different flexible engagement models available.

Do we need to do any thing before we kick off?

Not really, we like to keep things really simple Other than a pre call with your engagement lead so we can determine the key stakeholders for the workshops and a commitment to at least 30 minutes of time from each stakeholder outside of workshop sessions, that's all we need to facilitate the workshops.

Why work with us?

At RUBIX. We're smart but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We're local. We live for our Community in regional areas & our major Cities. Our power lies in our brilliant people, our local ownership & our ability to act nimbly. Put simply, we just do data. And we do it well. We choose our partners carefully. We knew ThoughtSpot were a good fit for us. ThoughtSpot is the most powerful search & AI-Analytics platform going around.

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